Are you looking for the Ultimate in a Mixed Martial Arts site? look no further this information is brought to you by Pyung Ahn Services International. It covers all training aspects for Martial Artists inclusive of Health ,Fitness and Spiritual Wellbeing.PASI has Qualified Instructors teaching in the UK and Spain, with access to many International Instructors around the world for seminars and tuition. In the U.K. we also teach to children and young adults with special needs. All nationalities,creeds,abilities or colour will be accepted within Complete Combat on the basis of their worth as a human being, affording each individual to be the best they can be through the training in "Pyung-Ahn-Moo-Sool-Do".

[Peace and Harmony by way of Martial technique].

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The Villa Gadea Campo Area Altea

10€ per hour per person

Boxercise..Monday-Wednesday and Friday 18:30-19:30

Yoga Sundays...11:30am-12:30 noon

Do you wish to TRAIN IN SPAIN? Have a training break in Altea, Alicante. Accommodation for up to six persons, B&B, access to gymnasium, martial arts training, fitness programmes and leisure activities provided, contact above for enquiries on rates and bookings. Or train on a daily basis locally for all residents of all nationalities.

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