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 What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a form of body work where the practitioner applies pressure to points on the body to allow energy to flow more freely. The idea, similar to that in acupuncture, is that channels called meridians are conduits through which life energy flows. This energy, called Ki (Shiatsu originated in Japan) when not flowing freely and properly can cause disease or sickness.

The word 'Shiatsu' literally means 'finger pressure' though the practitioner may also use the rest of his hands and indeed sometimes arms legs and even feet to apply pressure to the body.

In addition to the application of pressure the practitioner will help you to stretch, and to rotate and manipulate your joints. The treatment is considered truly holistic, treating mind, body and spirit.

You are advised to wear loose, comfortable clothing, and the treatment is usually given on a padded mat on the floor. Treatment typically lasts from 30 - 90 minutes.

These techniques are used in conjunction with stretches, joint rotations and joint manipulation to give an 'all-over' treatment which aims at treating the receiver on a holistic level - working with body, mind and spirit together. Contacting the receiver's Ki or internal energy is an integral part of the treatment.

Shiatsu was originally developed by Tamai Tempaku in the early 1900's. Subsequently various forms have developed.

  • Tokujiro Namikoshi and his son, Toru, emphasised pressure on neuro-muscular points to release pain and tension. Wataru Ohashi extended this work in the US.
  • Katsusuke Serizawa developed tsubo therapy, emphasising stimulation of particular acupoints and their nerve reflexes. This was developed into 'acupressure shiatsu' in the US.
  • Shizuto Masunaga developed a comprehensive theory for shiatsu based on traditional Chinese medicine and incorporated spiritual aspects, calling it 'Zen shiatsu'.

Shiatsu has become known as helpful in the treatment of various types of pain including back pain , headaches, migraines and joint pain. It can also be beneficial for digestive problems, menstrual problems, asthma, anxiety, stress and depression.

Used as a regular 'preventative' therapy it is said that Shiatsu promoted well-being and vitality.

SHIATSU........ Demonstration of what you can expect from a treatment. 

Stephen is a Shiatsu Therapist and has been a practitioner since 1997 when he qualified after many years of study in Shiatsu, Advanced Chinese Massage and Acupressure & Anatomy and Physiology. Stephen also practices Reflexology and Thai Massage developed from his studies in Oriental Masage treatments.

Stephen had a successful practice in the U.K. with clients passing on the word of his good work and empathetic approach to therapy.Stephen is now hoping to achieve the same results for clients here in Spain.

Stephen favours the "Element School " of Shiatsu coupled with "Zen" Shiatsu


"If you cannot do any good, then do no harm"

 Element theory

Zen Shiatsu