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 Mixed martial arts, usually referred to as MMA, is a full contact sporting event derived from combining movements of ancient martial arts with other non-martial arts. Developed in parts of Europe and Japan, during the 1900s, MMA combines striking movements with grappling and wrestling techniques. In the 1920s, a predecessor of MMA took place in Brazil called Vale Tudo, which was much more brutal than modern mixed martial arts turned out to be. The sport was observed by the Gracie family, who started MMA and a league of fighters competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
There are a variety of ways to be awarded the win in an MMA fight. The most commonly seen victories occur after judges decide following a fight that lasted the allotted time slot, which varies. Other ways of winning involve stopping the match at the hands of the ring doctor as he tends to an injury or by the referee if one fighter is unable to properly defend himself. Sometimes men in the corner who represent the fighters will literally throw in a towel, admitting defeat. Of course, as in other variations of mixed martial arts, a successful submission hold or knock-out will also define a victor. MMA participants can be either male or female, but fights are always same-sex and in appropriated weight categories. Men can fight wearing standard MMA kimonos or bare chested with sport shorts on, to allow for submission holding by their opponent. Women fighting in MMA championships generally fight in a sports bra and shorts. Both male and female MMA fighters are required to wear mouthpieces.
It is fairly clear where a variety of the influences seen in MMA originated, as MMA fighters learn not just one martial art, but many that must fluidly combine in the ring. For fighting while standing, MMA fighters study the points of contact seen in boxing and kick-boxing, as well as Muay Thai and karate. General points of contact are obtained through kicking, punching, kneeing and elbowing, during which balanced and quick footwork is imperative. Clinching is learned in MMA by studying freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, as well as Sambo and Judo. Clinching involves a variety of set strike positions and take down throws. Control while on the ground and positioning around your opponent in MMA fighting is learned through extensive study of the art of submission grappling as seen in Jiu-Jitsu,  and newer forms of wrestling like shoot and catch wrestling. The four techniques of MMA combine to create standardized movements known as sprawl-and-brawl, ground-and-pound, clinch fighting and submission grappling. This new sport, which was Americanized in 1993, is a fascinating and dynamic example of how powerful mental and physical discipline can combine to create world famous fighters.


This is the combining of all disciplines regarded as martial arts to give the practitioner a rounded viewpoint of skills needed to combat the many types of fighters you may encounter, including the pavement arena of street awareness. 

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